how to modify a dirt bike to avoid repairs
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how to modify a dirt bike to avoid repairs

My son loves riding his dirt bike, but we have run into several problems with the different bikes that he has had over the years. It has taken quite a bit of trial and error to find the right parts to upgrade the stock bikes and avoid some of the costly problems that we have experienced in the past. Through all of those trials, we have learned exactly how to modify his new bikes and save a ton of money in motor repairs. To learn what we have done to his bike to keep it running long and strong, visit my website.


how to modify a dirt bike to avoid repairs

Important Factors To Consider When Buying Motorcycle Boots

Cody Shelton

When it comes to shopping for motorcycle boots, there are several features that you should consider. Whether you're buying boots for yourself or as a gift, understanding the basics of boot features is a great place to start. Since the boots you choose will provide the only layer of protection between the road and the wearer's body, it's important to make sure that you understand the safety implications of whichever boot style you select.

Type of Material

One of the most important considerations about motorcycle boots is what type of material they should be made from. Leather, including cowhide, is the best choice for protective motorcycle boots. Leather is durable and provides a good amount of protection against hazards of all kinds, including rocks, road debris, the weather and more. You can find leather in many styles and forms, so it is a matter of personal preference when you make your final choice.

Boot Height

Motorcycle boots come in many shapes and heights. If you're looking for something for limited protection, you can find some ankle-height boots that will provide you with low-level coverage. On the other hand, you can get greater coverage by investing in tall boots such as thigh-high or lower-leg style boots that cover most of the leg below the knee.

Proper Fit

The way that a boot fits is going to be an important part of its comfort. You've probably seen those tall boots with the laces that run from the toe up to the top of the boot. They're nice, but those laces could be a serious safety hazard if you aren't careful. Instead, look for a boot that has zippers for a secure fit. That way, you can keep the boot in place without risking damage or injury from laces.

As another alternative, you could also look into slip-on boots that don't have any fasteners on the sides. If you want a smooth, sleek look with nothing to disrupt it, this may be the way to go.

In addition to the features listed here, you'll also want to think about the type of heel and sole you prefer. If you want a thicker sole, just remember that it will alter the distance to the pedal on the bike. If you are thinking about a heel, choose a shallow heel for the safest possible ride. Otherwise, you risk getting your feet caught because of the edge of the heel. You can look for online boot retailers like Bob's Cycle & Snowmobile Supply who may be able to help you find a style that may not be available in your local stores.